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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Open Letter To Ms. Aurora Jolie: Should You Really Be In The Adult Industry At 18?

For some reason the adult industry just don’t get it. Why are there individuals in this industry under 21 years of age? Why is so damn hard for the adult industry to make 21 years of age the minimum age for persons to be in the industry? I guess when the adult industry is full of shortsighted morons this should be expected. I am always disappointed by the adult industry but I just saw a very attractive young lady who’s a new face in the adult industry. But I also found out that this very attractive young lady who’s a new face in the adult industry is only 18 years of age. And that has me pissed off. So I am writing an open letter to Ms. Aurora Jolie to let her know what she has to look forward to in this very adult and use me up industry she has decided to enter.

Dear Ms. Aurora Jolie:
The reason for my letter to you is to give you an idea of what maybe in store for you because you have entered the adult industry. This will be more than likely the most honest information that you will receive as long as you are in the business. I don’t know you but I feel for you right now. As a very attractive and young 18 year old you should be ready to start enjoying life and defining who you are and who you are going to be. Since you have entered the adult industry that enjoyment of life may not come as it should and you are going to have others define you.

Now a bit about this adult industry you have entered. First off as an African woman in this business understand that you aren’t as valued as white women in the business. There’s a pay differential between what white and African women make. I want you to ask someone in the industry why that is. I am pretty sure that they will in some way rationalize why that is but let me put it in plain language for you. It’s racism plain and simple. Do you really think that you aren’t as attractive as those white girls that they take out of the trailer park and slap some make-up on and add hair extensions too? So that’s the first thing you have to wrap your head around that you aren’t as valued as white women in this business. This is just the beginning of your unnecessary humiliation. But let me use an even more powerful word, dehumanizing. I want you to stop right now and go to the dictionary and look up the work dehumanize. You will find that is says to deprive of human qualities. So I want you ask yourself why is it necessary to deprive you of human qualities to make good erotica? Ms. Jolie, I don’t think it’s necessary to do so but most in this industry work on that premise. Why else would they ask you to suck someone’s cock after it’s been in your ass or someone else ass? Why else would it be so necessary to cum in your face and have you lick up every drop? Is that erotic to you? By the way Ms. Jolie, how many young female 18 year olds do you think are practicing anal sex?

You have to understand too that you aren’t going to promoted or marketing as much as the white women of this industry. Why is that so? It’s only because you are an African woman. There’s a good chance you will never work on a large budget project with a top production company like Vivid or Wicked. Why is that so? It’s only because you are an African woman. They are going to tell you in essence that your kind doesn’t sell. Let’s say you get the hang of things and you make this a career. No matter how hard you work you will hardy get any notice from the adult industry itself as far as awards. Please don’t take my word ask Jada Fire. Jada is one of the hardest working African women in the adult industry. I think this year after being in the adult industry for over 6 or 7 years is the first time she had been nominated to receive an award from the AVN. What’s AVN you ask? Don’t worry about it because they are going to ignore you anyway so you should ignore them. For all your hard work never expect to be given any industry awards. Why is that so? It’s because you are an African woman.

I want you to think about this Ms. Jolie. Anyone that tells you that you need to be in this industry at 18 doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Anyone that hires, represent, or befriends you from this industry and tell you that you should be in this industry at 18 doesn’t have your best interest at heart. To be totally honest with you don’t look for anyone to have your best interest at heart in this industry. You are a commodity and you must always understand that. Did you know when you did anal you should receive more money? By the way you far too attractive to make any real female friends in the industry. Because you will always be looked upon as someone you may take money out of her pockets so you will be seen as a threat. So your guard must always be up. Also you really have to be aware of the real sleaze that lives off the women of the industry. You are going to have people approach you that are going to try to get you in the world of prostitution. Now they aren’t going to use that word but will use others like escorting or private sessions. In the eyes of the law there isn’t a statute against escorting the statute is against prostitution. Let me give you two names to stay away from. They are Pamela Peaks and Sinnamon Love. These two women were never anything of substance in the adult industry and now they want to be pimps. Don’t let them bring you that bull and just stay away from them. I really don’t have anything against prostitution I just hate pimps.

At 18 years of age you should enjoying boyfriends dealing with serious relationships and just having fun. Well look at what you may have to deal with because you are in the adult industry. Boyfriends: well let just say that if you are going to try to convince men that what they see on the screen isn’t you and it’s just your job, good fucking luck. You know I always thought that the ideal relationship would be with some one in the industry but time and time again that has been proven wrong. I thought I was looking at the porn version of the Will Smith and Jada Picket in Lexington Steele and Vanessa Blue but after being together for a good while they ended up splitting up. Why did they break up? I don’t know either one of them but my best guest is someone got caught fucking somebody that they shouldn’t have. But I hear all the time its just sex but if that’s the case why is it any different when you know about it versus you not knowing about it? It’s still just sex right? I don’t know but I guess if you stay in the industry long enough you will adopt that rational. I was really pulling for Lexington and Vanessa because it would be good if you had someone to watch you back in this industry and someone you could be creative with.

Ok, Ms. Jolie let say that you stay in this industry for 20 plus years. What do you think you will have to show for it? I want you to seek out a real porn star and ask that question. Matter of fact I think Jeannie Pepper would be the best porn star to ask. Ask Jeannie what she has to show for being in the adult industry these past 20 plus years. Ask Jeannie what type of relationships she has had since entering this industry. She was hanging out in Atlanta a few years ago and I was told that she was looking for an intelligent black male to be with. Jeannie has been in this industry for over 20 years and for the most part has let these white boys use her up and on the backside of 45 now she wants a black man, good fucking luck. Let me put this out there to you. You have a few white guys that will tell you that they support you to be with you. Plus you have some that will even marry you and support you being in the industry and even say it ok to sell pussy as long as the money is coming home. I guess that’s “special love”. Let the money stop flowing and see just how special that love is.

Aurora, whatever is broken in you being in the adult industry isn’t going to fix. I may just make it worse. And trust me 99.9% of the women in this industry have something broken in them. That’s why you see so much alcoholism and drug addiction in this industry. But staying in the sprit of the holidays lets just say I am the ghost of Christmas future. What I have just laid out doesn’t have to be your future. You can make the change and just get out of this industry now. At 18 you are being lined up to be used and abused by those in the adult industry. Don’t be a victim of the adult industry morons.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Id like to say that this young lady does not appear to be 18....if she is, ok but she doesnt look it.

Most women lie about their ages in the industry. The first time I heard Cherokee say she was only 24, I dropped my jaws thinking "There is no way that this girl is older than me." Same goes for a few others who lie all the time about their ages....

Second, even though Im cosigning with you about the biz, there ARE several girls who enter into that world without being pushed by a pimp, boyfriend or b/c theyre a lost and wayward soul. Although not common, it is a possibility.

Great blog

4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought your letter was on point and should be a teplate given to every 18 year old young lady considering a career in the Porn Industry.

However, I am interested in your bias against Sinnamon Love. No, I am not one of her minions, but I do enjoy some of her work. She has come a long way (remember her looking like a crackhead w/ a big ass). I thought she was one of the good guys? I visited the Pamela Peaks site...she looks very hideous. I would not pay to see any of her movies. Poor Jeannie Pepper. She was the quentessential balck porn queen. Nice rack and ass, but I guess she couldn't get enough of that "white stuff".

At any rate, I look forward to your reply. Keep up the good work!


12:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke. The legal age of an adult all over the world is 18. Americans have raised the age of majority to 21, because they are too fucked up to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes etc at the age of 18. The idea of changing the industry minimum age limit is retarded. 18 year olds are hungry for money too, just like everyone. You don't like young lookin women, go look at the 40+ garbage out there. Sorry, but I can't even get a hard-on lookin at saggy 45 year old milfs.

3:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was an interesting post full of many questionable statements but ultimately it comes down to choice; HER CHOICE, with regard to her chosen profession. There is no doubt that she's a beautiful young lady gifted with superior genetics; gifted to the point where some of color will probably even attack her for "looking too white" (I assure you that racism is by no means a providence of white folks only). Here's a few observations of my own:

1) Age: If the industry makes the minimum age 21, consumers will simply start buying titles shot where the age limit is 18. Porn is one of the most consumer driven industries in the world, giving people what they want (or at least the perception of what is desired). Call up the distributors or producers to tell them how their titles with "teen", "legal", or other virtual advertisements based on age sell. My personal opinion is that in almost all cases, a gal with some experience is better in bed (and therefore on camera) but many consumers want youth above all else. If you'd like to escalate recent trends of people moving away from DVD to internet downloads, by all means sell an agenda of raising the age limit to the "industry" because a great many will disregard the limit and be financially rewarded because of it.

2) Pay: The economics of the situation are much like the economics of any other industry; businesses pay what they are willing to pay and performers agree or find work elsewhere. Only the blind would suggest that people of color are usually paid the same as whites anywhere. So unless you're setting up a trust fund for Ms. Jolie to sip drinks on the French Riveria on your dime, your advice about only working where she'll be paid the same is almost laughable. If performers of any color want more money, they have to convince the producers that they are worth it; that consumers will pay a premium for their participation in a project (which is why Jenna Haze gets paid more then most, for example). You can claim it's racism but one of the most basic porn principles is that you're paid on your perceived market worth; by accepting lower rates, you tell them that you are worth less and if you don't believe in yourself-no one else will either.

3) Marketing: This works the same way as pay. First off, Vivid and Wicked (as well as all the contract companies) generally reserve their biggest marketing campaigns for the projects featuring their contract stars. The idea is that if they are going to invest a lot of money and effort in a performer, they are going to want tangible results. Notice how big Jenna Jameson is? That is largely the result of Wicked Pictures investing tons of PR, money and other resources that she turned into her own empire. By promoting someone heavily, you spend more on them then the individual projects will net you, with your hope that future efforts will reap the rewards so if a performer of ANY color is not on contract, don't expect a lot of promotion that you aren't pushing on your own dime (these days, you can become your own publicist on the internet and score big with fans; fans who will help you generate the kind of buzz that gets you more jobs and better pay).

4) Awards: The average career of a female in porn is measured in months. Having watched porn for a very long time (and in copius amounts), I can assure you that the average career of a black female is substantially less, espcially if you factor out the specialty niches (typically referred to as "urban" porn, which rarely sells well unless you compare it to production costs). As stated above, newcomers aren't usually the best performers and the ones that get the most attention are the performers that either work a few select big budget projects or work a LOT and do a great job of it. If most of a performer's titles are in niche categories, don't blame AVN, XFanz, XRCO, or others for selecting them based on their body of work (and for the record, I think Jada is a major hotty worthy of all the attention she is just starting to get).

5) Best Interests: The bottom line in ANY industry is how much value will your participation contribute to the success of a project. If you follow the advice of author Robert Ringer and look out for #1 in your dealings with the industry (believe me, they will do the same), you will do just fine within the limitations of the industry. As far as not making friends or networking, I suggest that you can look out for yourself and not cause problems for others too (they are not mutually exclusive concepts). If you want to maximize your income, making friends and forming business relationships is critical in any industry, especially porn since that's how you pick up those last minute jobs when the "trailer trash" is too hung over to make it onto a set. Keep in mind that once you make a porno, you are "in" the business for life according to common knowledge. Anything success you have in life from there on in will be prefaced with the statement that you were "in porn" by some, particularly the media (this holds true worldwide, with Italy sporting a porn star legislator).

6) Significant Others: If a performer can disassociate sex from love, it seems only fair that a partner should be able to as well. Most relationships in general fall apart (the common statistic is that 50% of marriages fail; how many relationships do most of us have before getting married, most of them doomed to failure for one reason or another?). If you want to take a "have your cake and eat it too" attitude with someone, don't expect a healthy relationship.

7) Longevity: Most people work for decades and barely manage to save anything tangible outside of a house, if they're lucky. Why should a performer be any different. The smart ones will invest substantial portions of their income and cultivate the many revenue streams needed to become self sufficient (shooting scenes, owning their own website, feature dancing, selling personal items, signings, escorting, or whatever they feel comfortable with); the same premise as any other job. That you felt obligated to interject race into this area speaks volumes of your own racial identity (we're all the HUMAN race, with men of all colors just as greedy, supportive, or somewhere in between).

7) Broken: Some say that the last perfect person was nailed to a cross while less superstitious folks would say that we all suffer from the mistakes we have made over the years. Holding performers to some mythical standard that they should be flawless is unrealistic, any more than demanding your real life partners to be unscathed by reality. Is drug abuse (alcohol is a drug too) all that more prevalent in the porn industry for the age range of females common to the industry? Such problems are common in a great many people these days, sometimes with prescription drugs, other times with booze, or whatever other addiction people cater to.

The bottom line is that porn is about choices. People can make good choices or not but the industry is largely a mirror of society so as long as someone understands the consequences and limitations of their choices, the specifics (like race, gender, and other factors discussed here) are not important.

Don Houston: Social Commentator and reviewer http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/bio.php?ID=55

1:43 PM

Blogger vesuvius said...

I love hearing whites that say, "We are all one race the human race". For the most part that's what they like to say when they refuse to face the racism that's part of the American way. Racism may not be exclusive to whites but they have turned it into an art form. Reading some of your statements I can help just to think that you are some working class stiff that feel you should be further in life than you are because you are white. But since you aren't you fall back on the illusion of white supremacy. That's an agenda you are going to have to pursue at your your own blog. One thing for sure being white and you aren't where you want to be then it's for sure that you aren't working hard enough. Or maybe you think it's reverse racism that's holding you back. Losers always have an excuse.

1:42 PM

Blogger vesuvius said...

Sinnamon Love is a pimp and I don't care for pimps.

1:44 PM

Blogger Sinnamon said...

I find it interesting that you'd reer to me as pimp. Pimps take 100% of a girls money leaving them with nothing for their efforts. What makes me different from one of the Agent's in the business that get these girls to have sex on film and take between 10-20% depending on their need for:
1) a driver to get them to work,
2) a place to stay or
3) advanced payment of checks?

I'm pretty sure of the answer... but let me assure you that in the porn star escort business, I take a smaller percentage than any other service and get ethnic adult film stars and performers fees that are on par with the non-ethnic counterparts.

If that's called pimping... I need to step my game up and get more money for my efforts.

all the best,
Sinnamon Love


8:25 AM

Blogger vesuvius said...

To Sinnamon Love aka Your friendly Neighborhood Pimp:

I guess you think you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize since you don't take as much money from girls that sell pussy and give you a percentage. By the way what is the "Porn Star Escort Business"? Now I think the law would consider it a prostitution ring and if you are running it you are a pimp. Understand I don't have anything against any females that want to sell pussy I just believe if you are going to take all the risk, i.e. getting arrested, getting hurt or killed by some nut then you should take all the money. What's also dishearten is seeing a black female that has been in the adult industry understand first hand how unfair it is to women of color. Then for you to exploit these young women by bring prostitution to them is unfortunate. African people have always had other african people in the community that for financial gain would exploit each other. Look at the drug dealers in our community that's the same type of exploitation. I say you need to go out and find you a job.

2:31 PM

Anonymous a black guy said...

I disagree about young Aurora. Who are you to say she wont be a real star just because she's black? I also read your blog about will a black woman every become a super star? I say yes and perhaps young Aurora here might be that girl. She probably is 18 or 19 and she seems very professional and eager.

Look at her. She's gorgeous. Beautiful face and a great figure. Tight butt big breasts and a nice face. She has pratically no black features and looks like a young light Stacy Dash. Because she's only 18 it also leaves me to believe she DOES want to become a superstar. How do you know this girls dream isn't to be a big pornstar? She has the tools to become one. Why couldn't she become a Vivid girl? She's as pretty as any Vivid girl. Has a great natural body as well she's pratically flawless. She hasn't been in that many films so it's only a matter of time before she gets noticed and lands a big company contract. In a year or 2 she will be the leading black starlet in the industry due to her light complexion and cross over looks. She can garnish a LOT of white fans with her white features and light skin.

Will she turn around the ebony porno industry? No. She probably still won't ever reach Jenna status but few girls ever do. She probably won't see Jenna money neither.

As a society people can accept black people more on an everyday basis. But as human beings genetically we're attracted to certain things. Most black men prefer curvy thick hipped, big butted women. White men prefer thin women with big racks. Black men typically prefer their on own race so does white's, asians etc etc. Black women dont sell as much as white's due to the fact that white men out number black men. There's more white men buying porno than black men etc etc.

So for a black girl to become a huge star she'd have to look white, have a big rack and basically be like a white girl. Aurora Jolie is that girl.

4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get off your high horse. First off, the legal age for adults is 18. That means she can do whatever she wants for her job. Secondly, trying to prove a point about 18 year olds not entering the porn industry when you post a gigantic picture of her naked is ridiculous.

7:48 PM

Anonymous TattoedTrader said...

So we assume an 18 yr old decides to go to Iraq under their own volition, but a woman is always assumed to be pimped when she enters into the adult entertainment world? Do we harbor the same stereotypes about men who enter? Has anyone ever asked Mr. Marcus if he was molested as a child? For the record, sexual promiscuity is one of the symptoms or byproducts of being molested. In any event, let that woman figure out what she wants. After all this is America 2006 where being a pornstar is slowly becoming as respectable and mainstream as any other profession.

11:48 PM

Anonymous Steve Jankoiak said...

That's funny. I always thought she was a Latina American. :)

10:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck all the bullshit. If she thinks she can stay in the porn business and only take it up the ass all day, while NvR getting the puss smacked, she's got another think coming! That "only anal" sex gimmick she's got going on was pretty cute at first, but then it got to be a tad bit annoying. And I've only seen probably three feature films with her in them, and the rest of the time I see her is off of some message boards. What she really needs to know is that gimmicks run thin with the public very fast, and in porn, even faster (if only Wesley Pipes knew that, maybe he'd finally STFU during a scene...). For instance: Pinky.
Pinky is a short, light-skinned average looking black chick with pink-dyed hair. The hair was all cool and kinda cute in the beginning, but in all truth, I feel that it was just a diversion to make people look away from her face, or her oddly shaped dwarf-like arms. In any case, after watching a few of her flicks, the pink hair started to get annoying. I'd find myself thinking, "why the f*ck does she have that stupid hair coloring?

And I know that the comment of "well, if you don't like the actress, don't buy the movie" will be coming out soon, so to that, I say screw you. If I'm going to pay my money for a movie, I'm not thinking about just one actress in a particular movie. If I ever see a movie with Vanesa Monet, Monee Devine, Roxy Reynolds, Aurora, and maybe Strokahontas, I'd buy it for the other chicks, and not Aurora, because I know her scene is gonna be all about rectal-reaming, and sometimes, I just don't like lookin at anal sex.

Now, if the movie above didn't have maybe Roxy Reynolds in it, had Sinnamon Love, I wouldn't even buy the movie, for the simple fact, she STILL looks like a big-booty crackhead. Just my opinion, but even if she is just making only 10-20% off of these "escorts," and she's been in the biz for "X" amount of years, why not get your face fixed? And while you're at it, your boobs, b/c the first job didn't stick, and now it looks like you've got dry mashed potatoes under your skin.

12:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

captain save a ho to the rescue!

8:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's young, but why is this an age thing if we can vote at 18 and die for our country at 18. This is a more of a competancy thing. Is she competent to make her own decisions? I would think so.
Now I would like to address the people who keep throwing the race card into this. It is obvious that we do not live in a perfect world and we will see a certain degree of racism in the industry, that however doesn't mean an actor/actress couldn't have their own niche in the industry. Obviously, with Aurora she avoids vaginal intercourse and I applaud her for drawing her own lines on what she will do. Maybe that will change someday but that's her decision and nobody elses. In her interviews she explains how she enjoys anal sex.If you're not a fan of anal sex you probably won't watch her videos. If you like anal she's a dream come true.

10:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's french

12:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aurora is probably one of the moste perfect body cute face girl ever to enter the industry. She is beautifull in every aspect ans sound well brought up she had a good attitude don't speak gangsta ghetto. I would hire her for regular acting she could be good. Now Sinamon gettin 10-20% is just fair. The law should be changed to protect that type of "activity" and make it legal. Pimps and drug dealers should be severely pursued and banned

6:00 PM


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