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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Roxy Reynolds Interview

1. I understand that you attend or attended Ohio State. If your answer is yes my next question

Yes, I just finished up my math final last week!! I am so happy!! I am studying Spanish Education and Sociology.

2. Why would an educated intelligent woman like you enter the adult industry? An industry that tells you from your very first day that you aren’t as valued as your white counter part? That’s full of racism and demand that you do degrading scenes on film?

Last summer, you know how it goes being on summer break. You want to have a good summer and you run into things. I was in California for two months before I got in to porn. I was dancing at Bob's Classy Lady. When I came back to class last fall, I knew I made more than any other student on campus. It's all about the money. It's not about black and white; it's about the green.

3. What are your goals while you are in the adult industry?

I am starting my own production company and just finished producing my first film. Double R productions is about to kick off and I am so excited!! I surrounded myself with some great people that I love working with. I am also talking to a couple of "major" adult production companies to be a feature star. I have also received some mainstream offers to model. I am not closing any doors right now. They are flying wide open!!

4. What strategies have you planned to help you achieve your goals?

I got my business license. LOL!! Got the best accountant and management team together. My new web site, http://www.roxyreynolds.com/ kicks off on July 15 and that will be a great marketing tool.

5. In the past some women of color have done almost a project per week. How do you avoid being over exposed to the market?

That's a tough question. When you start out, you want to be in as many movies as you can. The more your in the business, the more feel you get for the business. I took two months off from doing scenes earlier this year just to recharge my batteries. With my production company, I will have more control of my exposure.

6. Do you pick and choose your projects or is it all about money and you take what is brought to you?

I do screen my projects, but it is all about the money. I have turned down several offers to be in scenes that didn't appeal to me. I knew that it wasn't right for me. Most from Internet sites. I have been on a couple of Internet sites in scenes and enjoyed it. More exposure to fans that don't buy the DVDs.

7. You have a very petite and tone body but with a big butt. Do you think you will ever have a chance to work with a company like Vivid?

You never know. :) I am talking with a couple of major labels now, so that is possible.

8. Do you think your body type (big butt) will make you marketable to black males only?

You would be surprised by how many white fans I have, both male and female. When I make appearances, there are plenty of white fans that come to see me.

9. Is it important to you to have cross over appeal?

I never try to set up boundaries about my career. I want all my fans to have fun while I am entertaining. :)

10.What type of fans do you have?

They are loyal and very vocal!! They love to send messages on my yahoo group and my myspace site. I get over 200 messages a day. I read each one and try to respond to as many as I can, time permitting. I have fans that stand in line when I make an appearance at a local video store just to introduce themselves to me. I really appreciate that!

11.You have a MySpace site, yahoo group, and you are launching a web site soon. What are the adult fans saying about Roxy Reynolds?

I hope they are saying that they want more!! My yahoo group introduced me to a new fan base. My publicist took over that group and does a great job. Then the myspace page has exploded!! I have over ten thousand friends and that number grows every day. Now with my new site going online on July 15, my fans will be in heaven!! There will be plenty of pictures, merchandise and even cam shows. It will be very interactive. I will have special videos on the site that will not be available anywhere else. If my fans are unable to come see me dance at a club, I am having one of my dancing events recorded so they can see me in action. It's the ultimate Roxy experience, unless I am sitting at the computer next to you. :)

12.What would you like for them to say about Roxy Reynolds?

Roxy has fun at what she does. She is good at what she does. She tries to treat people the way she wants to be treated. She is a nice person.

13.Are you working to make Roxy Reynolds a brand name? Meaning that your name will have valve outside of the porn set and you can earn revenue away from the porn set, i.e. personal appearances and featured dancing

Yes. I have already made several featured dancing appearances in Philly, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Chicago, NYC and others. I also make appearances at video stores to sign my DVDs and meet my fans.

14.I see you do private parties. Exactly what would that be? Escorting or private sessions? If it’s escorting my next question

I do perform at private parties. It's mostly lap dances, oiling up my butt and doing a toy show.

15.Do you equate being a porn star with prostitution? If you do I would like to know why?


16.I think the industry enjoy degrading women unnecessarily with facials. You do facials and I would like to know why? What is erotic about cumming in a woman’s face?

Men like it and that's what they want to see and spend money on a DVD. I also have cum shots on my butt too, not only facials.

17.What do you think about how the industry treats women?

If it weren’t for the women, there would be no money in the industry. I have been treated great!

18.What do you think about the pay difference between white and black talent in the industry?

I don't compare my paycheck with others. I ask for a certain price for my scenes. As long that I am paid what I ask for, that's all that matters to me.

19.What do you think about the difference between marketing for white talent vs. black talent?

I am more interested in how I market myself. Much of the marketing depends on the person having the right people to promote you. I have a team in place to get the word out about Roxy Reynolds. If I waited on the video companies to do that, I would still be waiting. You have to take control for yourself and do it.

20.For work do you ever call producers yourself?

That's why I have people working for me.

21.Do you ever attend the adult conventions? Yes or no, why?

Yes, I do attend. It's important to network and meet your fans. I was at the AVN last January for a few days. I had fun meeting everybody!!

22.Do you network with other talent in the industry? Not as much for socializing but for business contacts?

Of course I do. I have several friends in the business that will ask me to work with them at a club or suggest me for a scene. It's good business. We are in the business to make money, so let's help each other out.

23.The day you decided to get into the adult industry did you also plan for an exit strategy? When and will you be prepared to leave the industry?

My original plan was to be out of in front of the camera in two years. It's been a year and I am already starting up my own production company. Things can change, but that is the plan now.

24.How long do you think you are going to be in the industry?

I will be working in it for a while, but in different capacities. I am smart enough to know that a girl can only do well on camera for a certain period of time. I have another year or twenty in front of the camera. HAHA You never know.

25.What’s your major in college?

Sociology. It comes in handy when dealing with people in this industry.

26.Is there anything in the academic world helping you in the world of the adult industry?

The math and accounting classes come in handy. :) I have taken several business courses that have helped me with setting up my production company.

27.I know you are new to the industry but do being behind the camera interest you at all? Directing or producing?

Directing, producing, marketing, doing it all with Double R Productions!!

28.With extreme content becoming more prevalent in the industry is this something that you will say, no to?

No anal. I am exit only. I'm not into pain either. Don't mind a slap on the butt though.

29.If you had a chance to speak to the powers to be of this industry, what would you say to them?

My name is Roxy Reynolds and if you give me a chance, I will rock your world!

30.Are you concerned about the Department of Justice crack down on the industry?

I let the lawyers worry about it. Too many other things to think about than to worry about something I can't control.

31.Do you keep up with what’s going on in courts about the industry?

I am lucky to remember that I am booked in Virginia next week. I let the legal people keep up with it.

32.Your understanding of the industry is what? I mean is it just about the fun you can have or do you understand that this is a business?

It's all about the money and the business. I know what is going on and I plan on making as much money as I can.

33.If a young lady approached you about entering the industry what advice would you give her?

Sign with Double R Productions if you want to go for it.

34.Is there anything that you have done in a scene that you thought to yourself later that maybe you shouldn’t have done that?

Not really. I don't watch my own stuff, but I hear from friends who do watch it that I am getting better with each scene.

35.Has being in the industry been a boost or bust to your self-esteem?

It's nice hearing that you are pretty or have a great body. I am grounded, so I had good self esteem before I started. I had to have the confidence in myself to take that step and to be as successful as I have been so far.

36.What would you like the fans of Roxy Reynolds to know about you?

I am a person who eats, drinks, sleeps and does the things that they do. I try to live my life to the fullest and being in the adult industry is just one part of that.



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